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Types of Inconel for Investment Casting

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Types of Inconel for Investment Casting

If you need parts to withstand high temperatures, oxidation and corrosive chemicals, consider investment casting them in Inconel. Inconel is a nickel-based superalloy that resists oxidation and retains its strength at temperatures over 1,000° F. It’s produced in a number of different compositions with some being investment cast more than others.

This blog post takes a look at Inconel. It discusses the various types and compositions and explains the benefits of making Inconel parts by the investment casting process.

An Introduction to Inconel and Superalloys

Inconel is a trade name owned by Special Metals Corporation. If you specify a part should be made from Inconel you’re asking for one of their products. Other companies make similar superalloys, but they can’t put the Inconel name on them.


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